Success Stories

Logistics company

A letter from Rodair:

Re: Building reliability unifies our leaders, builds our brand and future

Named as one of PROFIT Magazine’s Top 100 Private Companies in 2003 and 2004, we at Rodair were not short of business know-how. We had proven ourselves in the highly competitive global logistics industry, having hyper-accelerated from one office in 1996 to 21 offices in 9 countries worldwide in 2005—a total growth of 550%.

Despite this success, as business owners we realized that we had more to lose if we did not look after our brand, especially when considering company goodwill and its valuation. We had tried many typical textbook solutions to build our marketing efforts, such as vision, mission statements, and company slogans, which in the end did not produce the results they promised to deliver.

Always looking for the next best strategy to enhance and solidify our growing company, we were indeed impressed by the practicality and power of Business by Philosophy’s strategy process of building a Unifying Philosophy Statement (UPh™).

We became excited about building our own UPh™, because in doing so, our management and employees in all 21 offices of our freight management company could being to operate from the same page and prsent a more unified employee and customer experience across our wide range of services and markets.

In the short 6 months during which we completed our company UPh™, we have already achieved great value from our investment including:
  • Complete post-merger shareholder and leadership alignment.
  • Clear and distinct brand positioning for our company in a cutthroat and saturated competitor marketplace.
  • Operational standards based on building reliability that will produce short-term efficiencies in management and employee performance.
  • Long-term goodwill, equity, and wealth creation for shareholders using the UPh™ as a prominent and widely promoted intangible asset.

We are very confident that the return on investment from our UPh™ will be significant for years to come. Without a doubt, we recommend forward thinking business owners and leaders see for themselves how they can achieve considerable competitive advantage and shareholder value by building a UPh™ for their company.

Pat Cullen – Group Chairman
Terry Walpole – Group CEO
Jeff Cullen – North American CEO
David Ower – Managing Director/CEO Europe
John Chippelfield – Vice President Canada


Mid-sized bakery

A letter from Breadsource:

Re: Philosophy with a 6000% return on investment ($500 000 each word).

In 1991, our family purchased a B&A Bakery for just under $2 million and, by 1997, we’d grown to a $4 million company. Despite such progress, we knew that our family business wasn’t where we wanted it to be.

Vulnerable because we price haggled with customers and were aware of every movement our competitors made, B&A Bakery lacked a stronghold. We decided to establish a goal—to reach $8 million in 2003 (to double our business in a 5 year time period). What we needed was the way to do it, properly.

We shopped around for graphic design, thinking that would be the answer. There were many options—everything from cosmetic “company face lifts” to business management consultants. XRARE (now Business by Philosophy) caught our attention, they wanted to “brand” our business philosophy, which we would use as the backbone for marketing, operations, and business management.

In 1997, we confidently hired XRARE despite their overwhelming proposition. They exceeded our expectations and lifted us into the stronghold we sought. Breadsource became our corporate brand with the philosophy “Freshness on Time™”, and B&A became our retail brand.

By giving us the market leverage of two brands and capturing our philosophy, XRARE’s work resulted in our leadership position in the Ontario middle-sized bakery market. Such strides are obvious on many levels—we now co-pack for the largest bread suppliers, and distribute our unique product to almost all Costco stores in Southern Ontario. We also enjoy a low staff turnover rate less than 10% (versus 25%), and a product wastage rate of less than 2%.

Our Unifying Philosophy Statement (UPh™) “Freshness on Time™” netted $1.5 million (50% of our total sales growth) in 3 short years, and accounted for 70% of our new customers.

The number one reason why customers switched to Breadsource was because of our key benefit “Freshness”. We can now attest with real proof that our return on investment is nothing short of outstanding. Even though we don’t advertise, we are gaining market share rapidly and are not reactive to price anymore.

Breadsource netted $6 million in 2001, and is slated to make $7 million in 2002. Reaching our goal of $8 million by 2003 is not only feasible, but it is happening.

We at Breadsource recommend XRARE (now Business by Philosophy). By implementing Business by Philosophy™, we reaped benefits that are not offered by traditional marketing and management consultant firms. Thanks to XRARE, we are the proud owners of a strong company who can afford the lifestyle and financial stability we worked hard to get.

We are now secure in the future of our family business.

Arif Sanderji – CFO

Corporate Streamlining Technology

A letter from Corporate Streamlining Technology:

Re: Transformation of Corporate Streamlining Company, Inc.

Deeply embedded in every business, in every organization, is an essence, a reason for being. And that reason for being is inherently different from every other organization on earth, else it would need to combine with a duplicate organization in order to survive. There is no room for two of the exact same in the market place.

Our marketing and promotion efforts were patchy, and did not promote our essence. They were fascinating to our prospects, but unfocused with limited pull.

We at Corporate Streamlining know we are different. We know we are different from all our competitors in several ways. What we did not know was:

“what difference makes the most difference in the eyes of our prospective customers? What difference rips us away from the crowd and differentiates us as the ‘go to’ organization in our field, hands down?”

Through the non-intimidating processes developed by XRARE (now Business by Philosophy), you systematically, yet artfully, extracted our Unifying Philosophy Statement™ (UPh™), there really is only one UPh™ per organization. All other “statements” are near misses at best. During the process we were hesitant about being pigeon-holed. XRARE was flexible enough to step away from pigeon-holing us as we believe that would result in missing much of our essence.

We can already qualify our return on our UPh™. With our UPh™ exposed, we can promote our essence and connect with our market target rapidly and at a deep level.

This focuses our marketing precisely and does not waste marketing dollars. We operationally breathe our UPh™, and confidently deliver what it promises.

Ron Luthka – President


Foam Fabricators

A letter from Kwikway:

Re: The New KWICKWAY Philosophy: Ingenious Innovations. Developed. Delivered™

We are writing this letter in response to your request to give our opinion about the branding program of your company.

In 2004, our companies “J’ai Trouve” and “FOAM-5” wanted to create a strong brand identity for the beauty product lines of our companies. We saw our new product brand KWICKWAY as a primary tool for creating a strong market distinction for our beauty products worldwide.

We found the program Business by Philosophy™ very valuable for our business, because the resulting UPh™ (Unifying Philosophy ) process created an alignment of all of the key stakeholders of our company and the direction for the future of our new brand. It also helped us clarify the market niche for the current and future KWICKWAY products. In developing our philosophy and market promise in one strong statement, we found:

“Ingenious Innovations. Developed. Delivered™”

to be the best expression for who we are.

It is clear to us that the UPh™ assists us in a number of different ways. In particular, our UPh™ helps us create a strong marketing effort for our beauty products in North America and in Europe.

It also serves as a valuable guide in synchronising and optimising the business processes of our companies.

We strongly suggest the service of Business by Philosophy to those business owners who are looking to maximise their long-term profitability and market exposure, and who are motivated to invest time and effort to unify their companies with one common goal and philosophy.

Dave Killins – President – Foam 5 Fabricators Ltd.
Stephen Lefebvre – President – J’ai Trouve Inc.

Surati Sweet Mart

Food Manufacturer

A letter from Surati Sweet Mart:

Re: Ultimate Indian Food Pleasures. Serving Life™

We have had a successful and stable company reputation in a very price-sensitive Indian fast food and food service market for over 24 years. However, we have not been able to capitalize on and implement our Surati brand until we used the BPh™ program from Business by Philosophy.

Our results to date include:

  • The development of our global growth strategy.
  • Identification of 4 distinct product brands addressing specific market niches.
  • The initiation of new employee and operating standards that will deliver our philosophy to our customers.

We expect this to be only the beginning of our successes with our UPh™:

Ultimate Indian Food Pleasures. Serving Life™

With our philosophy, we are now more focused and better equipped to preserve and increase our family wealth and company goodwill.

We definitely recommend the UPh™ program to business owners.

Haren Sheth – CEO