What is XRARE?

XRARE is the agency founded by Harish Chauhan, which preceded the current company, Business by Philosophy. XRARE is now Business by Philosophy, still run by original founder Harish.

If you interested in XRARE’s services, please contact Harish.

Below is all information about XRARE, from the XRARE website:


XRARE is a full service, branding agency that integrates business strategy and pure design to achieve the greatest impact and profit for our clients. Our Team delivers Business by Philosophy™ programs that surpass the hit and miss results of conventional strategies.

Since 1991, XRARE has helped numerous clients identify, articulate and package their corporate philosophy to achieve market edge in xpress time. They have edge. They have profit. Now, it’s your turn. XRARE. Xpressing Your Edge.

Successful business calls for the clear communication of a company’s unique qualities. At XRARE, we are committed to bridging the communication gap between consumer and supplier by offering a common ground, a Unifying Philosophy (UPh™) Statement. This creates a lasting connection between you, your customers and the product/service you offer.

Xpressing your Edge™.


Streamline Your Marketing Costs:
At XRARE, we maximize your marketing dollar by designing leveraged tools and strategies that reduce your cost per impression and boost your return on investment. And because we co-ordinate production, we keep your costs focused on your bottom line.

Accelerate Time to Market:
The speed and accuracy of our approach, from strategy development to delivery of marketing tools has been proven time and time again. Getting you to market in xpress time is an XRARE core competency.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty:
Trust breeds loyalty. XRARE’s Business by Philosophy™ develops a trusting relationship between the consumer and supplier so that loyalty comes naturally.

Establish Market Credibility:
XRARE’s strategic design and copywriting builds corporate identity systems that create rapid growth and market influence needed for start-up and emerging companies to compete globally.

Clarify Your Market Strategy:
At XRARE, we identify our client’s true objectives in order to develop a system of strategic tools that will pave the critical path towards achieving business goals.

Implement Your Vision:
Often, companies have a vision but they do not know how to transform its abstract concepts from forgotten inspiration to practical action. At XRARE, we craft strategic implementation plans that will turn your vision into reality.

Confront Change:
Most Companies are slaves to market trends. XRARE arms you with a corporate philosophy that defies market fluctuations so that you can capitalize on change, not run from it.


Our market edge is defined by a distinct xpertise in the development of integrated and leveraged marketing tools that cater to the diverse industry needs. XRARE has had proven and repeated success in the development of the following tools for clients:


  • Company and Product Naming
  • Logo’s
  • Corporate Identity + Stationary
  • Unifying Philosophy (UPh™) Statements
  • Strategic, Savvy Copywriting and Design


  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Sales Kits
  • Advertising / Promotional Pieces
  • Package Design

Digital Media

  • Corporate Websites
  • Electronic Brochures
  • Digital Sales Presentations
  • Digital CD-mercials™


Our Promise

We deliver genius. You expect profound talent and creativity from an agency. We have made it our responsibility since day one to deliver genius with flat fees. Now you get world-class deliverables for a price that you can sign off on in advance. No surprises, no flaws.

XPRESSing your Edge. What ever that is for your company – it is the only thing you have over competition, over change. We Xpress it so you can.


In a nutshell, XRARE’s core philosophy has 3 elements:

1. delivering our services with unbeatable speed…XPRESS time
2. helping you articulate, package and market your corporate philosophy strategically… XPRESSing you

3. using your uniqueness to give you an upper hand on your competition… YOUR EDGE

The ‘cutting edge’ is a market obsession. Companies can spend millions of dollars every year chasing the latest technology and product lifecycles, hoping that this will keep them ‘on the edge’. But, if everyone is chasing the same trends, how can anyone get ahead?

The trick is to create your own edge; one that lasts beyond the fluctuating market trends and zesty advertising campaigns. When you proclaim a corporate philosophy (a value set) in the market, you create an edge by placing your company in the hearts and minds of consumers.

When a consumer relates to your company’s philosophy, they develop an emotional connection to you and your products/services. Meanwhile, your corporate identity creates a brand that occupies Mental Real Estate. Together, these mental and emotional connections propel market recognition, secure customer loyalty and ensure a profound return on investment. Most of all, they give you your edge.


Harish Chauhan
Harish Chauhan, B.I.D., B.Eng., founder of Business by Philosophy™, synthesizes the dual disciplines of Industrial Design and Engineering. Advocating the importance of marketing who you are, as a business, rather than what you do, Chauhan integrates practical business strategy with cutting-edge creativity.

Chauhan’s expertise is sought worldwide; he is both consultant and speaker for revolutionary marketing, corporate identity, and branding. He leads an inspired team of passionate strategists and designers at XRARE, a company dedicated to Xpressing Your Edge™.

His spirit and presence serve as a catalyst that fuels authenticity and genius. He delights in contributing to non-profit organizations that inspire youth. Chauhan makes his home in Toronto, Canada.


1998 Design Recognition Award by E.B. Eddy Paper
Direct Mail Teaser Campaign for Dun & Bradstreet

1994 Silver Award by Neenah Papers
Northeastern Division of North America
Corporate Logo & Letterhead for Ingenia Communications

Client Portfolios

B & A Bakery

The Story

XRARE revitalized an existing brand name to double its distribution within one year. Then, we created a new brand that would help the company compete with the largest industry players. Background: B&A Bakery has been a prime distributor of bread products through out southern Ontario. The company was acquired by a young management team who grew it by five times its initial size. The target was to double their success in growth for the short term and to expand to new markets for the long term. As such, they felt it was time to create a fresh image that would reflect the fresh products that made the B&A label locally successful.


The company name, B&A Bakery, was founded after the initials of the original owners. The new management team wanted to re-name the company and create a new logo since they felt that clinging to the old name and identity would reflect a stale image.


XRARE (in partnership with BSEEN Design Group) advised the new management team that renaming the company would ensure significant loss in their local brand equity. As such, the name B&A was maintained but repositioned using a UPh™ tagline, Big Value, Appetizing Taste. The logo was then created to convey these core benefits. The use of mascots in the logo facilitated further in-store promotional campaigns.

Product Name

The B&A identity was now positioned to maintain and grow a local following. However, in order to expand in to new markets and to develop and distribute new product divisions, the company also needed a corporate image. As such, a mother company, Breadsource, was created. This company would house B&A as a product brand while allowing for other product brands to develop.



The corporate UPh™ was to appeal not only to the home-based customer, but also to the retail distributor. The core customer benefit and a corporate promise were combined to form a philosophy that the company could stand by and communicate proudly. The UPh™: Freshness On Time™.

Corporate Identity

XRARE and BSEEN created a stationary strategy that would be cost-effective in both print and in day-to-day maintenance. First, a corporate stationery system was designed to help Breadsource compete on every level with the multinational players of the industry. Produced on 100% cotton paper, it incorporated both stylish print work and corporate embossing. In-house communications, such as memos, notices and employee payment did not require such ornate design. As such, a second stationary system was created for employee communications, cutting client costs even further.



The Story

n the first quarter after Continental hired XRARE as their marketing partner this nationally recognized manufacturer logged-in a record breaking 3 months worth of business in one month.
Continental/ Aeroflo has been the industry standard across Canada for both industrial and retail use fans. While the company had a footing in the United States, they wanted to expand and solidify their position in the US market. They came to XRARE for a revitalizing face-lift that would prepare them for their next level of expansion.


Continental had a four page brochure that acted as their staple communications tool. The piece was long, technically thick, and had little market impact. A complete overhauling was required to achieve the look and feel that would position the company competitively against its American counterparts.



The first order of business in creating a new brochure identity was to streamline its length down to 2 pages. Information flows more clearly and efficiently with the new layout so that customers can get the information they want quickly.

Brochure 2 & 3

A distinct brand identity was created for the Continental brochures. First, product attributes were articulated. Then, taglines and matching graphics were developed as artistic abstractions to these attributes. Each family of Continental products has been cross-marketed in every brochure. As such, the brochure is leveraged to act as both a specification sheet for the specific product as well as an overall brochure for the company.

Brochure 4 & 5

The artistic positioning of the brochures stands apart from other industry literature creating a sense of intrigue with prospects and clients alike. The creative, customized taglines and matching clever graphics are unprecedented in this highly pragmatic industry. Such positioning reinforces brand recognition and ensures customer retention.

Brochure 6

The face of each brochure has been designed as an advertisement for the product. With a backgrounds in both engineeringand design, our senior designers were able to present complicated technical sketches and charts in a visually appealing manner to match the ‘ad-world’ look and feel. As such, the brochures were designed to catch the eye of a casual viewer while also capturing the interest of a highly technical audience.

David Batten

The Story

David Batten Inc. has doubled their corporate sales every year since they engaged XRARE as their marketing firm of choice.
David Batten Inc. illustrates a breakthrough in the photography industry where businesses are quickly pigeonholed as either creatively suave or technically savvy. This company, with its digital technology and its equally impressive creative flair, needed to be positioned as an exception to stereotypes so that it would clearly stand out as a leader in the digital photography revolution.

Logo and UPh™

It was clear that David Batten Inc. had exceptional in-house capabilities. As such, this, at one time small-shop, photographer was gearing to target a very high-end corporate clientele. The UPh™ had to speak not only to the company’s unique position in the market (one stop digital and creative house), but also to core benefit for the corporate client (freedom).

Corporate Identity

A consistent identity system was developed to reflect a unique creative and technical mix. From the choice of font to the metallic inks, from the business card concept to the letterhead layout, each aspect of the identity system was carefully chosen to the bottom line, Digital Freedom.


A golden testament to XRARE’s xpress time capabilities, David Batten’s CDMercial project was completed in 48 hours, from the RFP stage to courier delivery of the final product. During this tight schedule the creative design, campaign strategy, technical programming, and jacket cover along with an attractive ‘CD jewel box’ was produced. A campaign in a box in 48 hours.

Label System

In the interest of strengthening the corporate brand identity even further, a multi-purpose label system was produced maximizing infiltration of the David Batten brand at the lowest cost per impression.

Direct Mail

Home Depot had recently announced that all vendor photographs had to be in digital CD format. David Batten, being the prime photography supplier for Home Depot was handed an opportunity to pitch these vendors. However, time to market was critical. With such an xpress delivery time, they naturally came to XRARE. Up front, XRARE saved the company 74% of the cost of the campaign by focusing their database and streamlining their proposed strategy. We used their client, Home Depots’ retail flier as the basis of the campaign. With these cost savings, we were able to create 4 direct mail campaigns that could be rotated for future campaigns.

Dun & Bradstreet Canada


The Story

To add to its success, XRARE had the honor of receiving the EB Eddy Recognition award for this campaign.

The Business Education Services Division of Dun and Bradstreet is committed to delivering quality programs that will yield a high return on training dollars. The company was anxious to market a new line of corporate training tools in order to capture the industry’s peak buying season in 4 weeks. With an xpress delivery schedule of 2 weeks, XRARE developed a product name, logo, marketing strategy and an award winning sales tool system.

Product Name

This newly acquired product surpassed most of the popular corporate training systems with its sustainable educational results and its impact on participant income. A clever name, L(earn)2, was developed to convey the unique methodology and the high yielding results of the product that made it such a success. A logoised identity was then created for greater market impact.


While the newly ‘logoized’ product name was highly impactful, the implied customer benefits and corporate philosophy needed more clear explanation to ensure market retention. The UPh™, interactive Learning for Exponential Earning TM was, then, an equally clever, expanded version of the product name itself.

Teaser Campaign

In order to facilitate the launch of the new product package, a direct mail teaser campaign was developed. Test runs have revealed a high retention and decreased sales objection factor during follow-up.



The Story

From scratch to flash, XRARE helped RAVOX build their entire business and marketing strategy to make an impressive showing at a trade convention in 12 weeks.

Ravox was a start up firm that acquired the rights to re-sell a state-of-the-art IBM medical software product. With this voice recognition product, the company wanted to capitalize on a limited window of opportunity in the health care industry. As such, before having developed a company name, a marketing plan or promotional tools they booked a venue at a renowned international conference/tradeshow to be held in 12 weeks.


Company Name

The company was in a position of accelerated international exposure. As such, an easily recognizable name with global appeal and high retention needed to be created. Noting the international limitations of language, a non-English, single word name was derived from the Latin words radiologica (as Radiologists were the target market) and vox (voice) to form RAVOX.


To establish credibility quickly, RAVOX needed to create a cutting-edge corporate image that reflected the state-of-the-art quality of their product. The first step in this process was a UPh™ tagline. It was to represent the company deliverables along with high impact customer benefits while conveying a sense of corporate ‘conservativeness’. The result: “RAVOX. Installing the future now.TM”

Corporate Identity

Pre-conference communications needed to commence immediately in order to maximize market credibility by the time of the conference. An extensive corporate identity was developed and implemented in a 6 piece stationary program.


Trade Booth

It is difficult for even the most credible and established company’s, let alone a small start-up, to draw attention during the madness of a tradeshow. Recognizing these limitations, we designed the booth to not only attract, but convert cold passers-by to warm leads. The booth was compartmentalised in use with a designated greeting area along with separate presentation and conversion areas. The booth was able to accommodate up to 15 people in the 10’x10′ space at one time, creating a sense of demand for passers-by.


Business by Philosophy™

Business by Philosophy™ communicates a company’s unique value set to the market, attracting like-minded individuals who share in the company’s vision. When the organization’s philosophy is articulated, in the form of a Unifying Philosophy (UPh™) statement, it creates a competitive edge by distinctively placing the company in the hearts and minds of its customers. This propels market recognition, ensures customer loyalty and, best of all, creates a market niche that no other company can occupy.

Business by Philosophy™ is the clear articulation and concise communication of

  • Who you are as a company? What is your expertise?
  • What do you stand for as a company? What is your company’s unique value set?
  • What makes you unique as a company? What are your unique customer- driven benefits?

The greatest selling point for any company is its people, its identity and its philosophy. Consumers buy from companies that they can relate to. It is difficult to relate to a product or a service; but relating to people, to their identity and to their philosophy is almost intuitive. Imagine the power of having consumers intuitively trust you!

You share a philosophy with your customer. Doesn’t it make sense to market it?


Benefits of Business by Philosophy™

A clearly articulated philosophy creates a ripple effect in the entire workings of an organization. Internal and external communications are made consistent so that the company and its employees don’t just make promises; they become their promises.

  1. A strong philosophy has magnetic powers.
    It attracts like-minded individuals to your organization, ‘pulling in’ suppliers who reflect the company, a team of workers who share the passion and loyal customers who believe in ‘the cause’.
  2. A philosophy commands loyalty.
    When two individuals share something as intimate as a philosophy, they begin to form a relationship of trust. Business by Philosophy™ forms this type of a relationship between the company and its client. Trust breeds loyalty of the greatest value, emotional loyalty. While the articulation of the philosophy in a Unifying Philosophy (UPh™) Statement occupies intellectual real estate, the relationship built upon this philosophy occupies Emotional Real Estate™. Once a client has an emotional response associated with this shared philosophy you will have their unconditional loyalty.
  3. Business by Philosophy™ cuts through market chaos. 
    Most companies continue to focus the majority of their marketing dollars on chasing technology trends and product lifecycles. This produces short-term results that cost a lot of money in the long run. This is market chaos. A corporate philosophy is a constant, an unchanging force that drives the rest of your marketing program regardless of technology, trends and social change.
  4. Business by Philosophy™ ensures sustainable brand equity. 
    When you articulate who you are and what you stand for, consumers will distinguish you from your competitors. With 6 words or less, every corporate tool is branded with a compelling consumer buying statement – A Unifying Philosophy™ (UPh™). This builds goodwill with the consumer that lasts beyond the zesty advertising campaigns. A corporate philosophy, articulated in a UPh™, sets you apart from the competition so that customers will always remember who you are and why they like to buy from you.
  5. Business by Philosophy™ does the filtering for you. 
    Organizations often over-spend on marketing collateral because they operate from a mindset that more clients means better business rather than better clients means better business. There are many sales hurdles involved in the pitch, from consumer preoccupation with comparison shopping to reactionary sales objections. Each hurdle exponentially reduces your chances for clinching a sale. So, why waste time and money in marketing to an audience that isn’t listening? If the same time is spent targeting a focused audience that needs the services and shares the philosophy being offered, a profound return on investment is achieved.